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like rochelle or brazil here now i'd still tell a brazilian maid it's warm everyone having a good time some it's brazil in russia right now. by though not sure how the load to like this stuff pretty box all over the place. well finally i can see that this way fans are trying to catch up as well have a long. year in rostov on don how are you feeling here it's very nice and the people love to us here us like a family their football family you know we're focusing mainly. on. this is a good run well over the.
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close. food the vibes are absolutely amazing. the easing day for football. i'm pretty sure that. johnny fontane always be pretty sure that people that really loves football and is not just focused on. support some team i see people he said i'm happy i'm really happy with the results with the results they do see is the beauty of football. after trees when it cost became a night of mexican fiestas across moscow thousands of jubilant fans.
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the south korean. and. korea will face today. with the world cup. and today it's a big day. and . the world.
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the england team has gone through times recently with poor performances typically a tournament the last and only time they lifted the trophy was in one thousand nine hundred sixty six now two museo who have qualified for the world cup for the first time since two thousand and six hope to make the best of their return of peter all of has been catching up with fans ahead of the big game in volgograd. it's all about how phony it's all about football i think i'll bet not going to get to hear
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we're going to have a little bit of a give the itineraries england this is too nice yes two three four five six seven eight nine ten. twelve thirty forty fifty sixty eight to the idea that i have called yesterday or after at once you never see him and that made our best thanks very much you've got to be sixteen i believe ball to date four five six seven i was. what happens in england game similar to england she does you want out of it but i'm going to be very tough game but we will win. the most they're not going. to let the nose of the funds being as well behaved in a decent is these behind me unfortunately i did witness so horrid behavior by you can see this in england fans straight on salif being thrown up as well as songs that really cannot be repeated but i spoke to the chief executive of the england
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fans federation about them about what happened there i was in lynn funds should be doing well here in russia we don't always ecology good funds to do what the. majority of us do all the time which is just to treat the place with respect you're really impressed with the degree of hospitality we've got here every told him it's there's always a media story about most of the experience trouble is a bit immune to that sort of thing that would be exciting newspaper called he sells newspapers because the mission in reality i'm here in the middle of the great revolt government on me on during around the marina here i've come across something of a familiar sight on one of the yachts. not just an english flag but also an englishman graeme conceit permission to come of oh it's a permission granted let's see. what end up in the war you've been doing a little bit something special for the world cup tell us about well we've sowed all the way here for only gary and it took us thirty six days. to get all the way from
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the crimea on the i will say we traveled on the crimea bridge. one day before mr putin and you've provided a bit of something for those like myself who are even if the first time yeah we've written a small guide called the englishman in volgograd because usually on the only englishman you. know there's a few more and. it's just the top five of everything around for my own perspective if that's the stadium right there what do you think what is your take for england taking place right there what's going to. england three. zero. now in the lead up to the slope was one of the fake woods it came to treat russia the united kingdom now sold for boys things about as far as get away from the world cup experience. what we have got here in volgograd is a cocktail called the no the choke. how is
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that. how there's not it's called the antidote to it i'm not sure how much you announce it out it is i'm not sure how much it's going to affect how they see evening runs into the game against the newseum. are you ok. so as a patient building ahead of the match. somebody made his predictions on the coming game. even by nature is a bit pessimistic they dealt above themselves they're not very confident they have huge pressure on their back. is not the same levels in the world of some of the best players in in utah playing in the best league in the world but it seems good news is going to create them some little problems but in dns talent and experience
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they have to in england. your program continues in just a sec. i can imagine. i don't know i wasn't there but i can imagine a russia defending its national interests in
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a way that doesn't help the hawks in the united states but couldn't has this image of such a hard guy. and i would also blame him for not caring about american public opinion even more because it seems like no matter what he does there's an unfair response nonetheless what i'm saying is it's gotten very personal. right now at twenty past the hour here in moscow the meat to controversy has raised many questions for example how long can you step at a coworker before being accused of sexual harassment online t.v. show provider netflix apparently has the answer as a tease and i see it tries to explain.
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oh oh sorry i didn't mean to sexually harass you netflix have reportedly introduced a policy advise in their employees not to stare at each other for longer than five seconds this has neither been confirmed nor denied by the company but the general idea is allegedly inspired by the me too movement to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace according to netflix employees quoted by the press this five second staring back as part of a package of no lingering hugs no asking for phone numbers and no flirting we're proud of the end to your usman training we offer to our productions we want every netflix production to be a safe and respectful working environment but do you think about when you think about the five second rule i have no idea what the five second rule if you were to guess what you think it would be about i can eat something after i fall after after i drop it on the floor but only before it's placed there for five seconds so we have a three second rule in norway so we have what you have to have three seconds between
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your car and the next car. in time oh really you guys were talking today people about netflix you know netflix yes ok so they have reportedly introduced this new policy where they're after people who work with them to not stare at each other for longer than five seconds. to avoid sexual harassment really taking a company by the. nonsense that you want to try it sounds like small amount of time but it's actually longer really it. seems ok let's start each other let's do that. like the next smiling we could do whatever if it can. seem somewhat counterproductive in every single way seems a bit stupid really. just looking at people isn't sexual harassment if you and i work together we can. look at each other for longer than five seconds because then
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it creates like an uncomfortable environment. look at me i'm all right now i don't . i think it sounds. that you can't have any and then be afraid of sexual harassment i mean that would be weird i think. people work together. german chancellor angela merkel is facing one of the toughest tests yet of her leadership as a rift over refugee policies threatens to derail her coalition government the dispute has put merkel on a collision course with her interior minister a key coalition figure who's been quoted as saying he can no longer work with merkel has been heavily criticized for implementing an open door refugee policy which has seen well over a million people pouring into germany since the start of the micron crisis and twenty fifteen she's faced tough opposition from inside her own cabinet and
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a recent poll doesn't bode well for the chancellor either as a growing number of germans say they oppose receiving any more migrants sixty two percent of those surveyed agree with the interior minister's plan to turn away undocumented migrants at the border while nearly ninety percent say they want to foster deportations of rejected asylum seekers so we were now engaged in reaction on the streets of berlin. i hope they find a way to resolve this because it doesn't make any sense. the interior minister is trying to stuff the populace wave of the mike in crisis but angela merkel stance on this issue has been very courageous and she shouldn't back down now. we could see more elections so the coalition partners need to find a way of preventing it right now they are too far apart. as the minister for the interior. pursue his ideas and his proposals immediately we don't
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have months or years to come to look for solution of this imminent causes what. america is it's not so question of weeks or months is a question of days on hours how long we translate as a federal public what she did in. two thousand and fifteen in opening up the german borders and creating an influx of my governance this was the situation which was unbelievable and since then we have more than two million people in that currently ends we don't know who is in the country for hundreds of thousands this is a blow. to your peace and security as for. nearly a year after iraq's most school was liberated by iraqi and u.s.
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led forces from islamic state angelina jolie has traveled to the water on city in her capacity as special envoy to the un's refugee agency islamic state took control of mosul in twenty forty holding on to the city for three long years a liberation campaign launched by iraq with the support of the us lasted nine months and claimed thousands of civilian lives as well as displacing. hundreds of thousands. this is the worst devastation i've seen in all my years if you need to see our these people have lost everything. and the trauma and the loss that they have suffered is unparalleled.
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they're here on their own with very little support next to nothing and they're rebuilding themselves with their bare hands they're moving the rubble with their bare hands and their bodies in this rubble that stay here. and you can smell the bodies. and there's unexploded ordinance. community. thanks for sharing some of your time with us here at the international we were told with many more of your top stories at the top of the o.
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z's says harlan kentucky. we've all of them boys you go rummy's or you will. need. a co money so she will. no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the pay was to. live to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle the trumpet juggernaut continues on all fronts is he remaking the western world or merely isolating the u.s. also is north korea coming out of the cold and much much more on this edition of crossfire.
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cross talking unstable world i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have dmitri he is a political analyst with sputnik international and in plymouth we cross to patrick henningsen he is a journalist writer and founder of the news website twenty first century wired dot com all right gentlemen rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate patrick let me go to you first in plymouth so much to chew on here reflect upon my introduction i'm. trying to recast the western world or maybe the whole world and its entirety or is this really just isolating the united states or a combination of all of i what i've just said go ahead patrick in plymouth. you know this is this is the big challenge to determine firstly what is us foreign policy you know i think there's there's been a tendency there's a tendency by academics and by some commentators to try to look for breaking trends
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to try to generalize everything into sort of larger themes like is this a realist a revival of a realist foreign policy or is this a continuation or a different version of a liberal globalization based foreign policy i think it's really difficult because if you look at history the only consistency with a lot of u.s. foreign policy is its inconsistency so you look at you see your hypocrisy at every turn no matter how many administrations you go back to but one thing that is consistent is a kind of post world war two grand strategy and so the united states as it's come out of the cold war period then entered a kind of period where full spectrum dominance was its main priority and i think to some degree that is still where a lot of washington's thinking is directed pentagon led full spectrum dominance as thomas barnett sort of you know laid out during the bush administration but in terms of donald trump i think the united states is at
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a very interesting crossroads because the first time where it's not expanding in one hundred twenty years internationally it's actually having to reconsolidate its positions not just at home but abroad as well and i think dollar trump is the ideal chapter eleven practitioner maybe for this point you know u.s. history chapter eleven that's really great to have mark here i mean also you know everybody's looking for these kind of short phrases to describe i came across one no friends no enemies that would least work in the case of dealing with the i guess we can use it correct him disastrous g seven meeting in canada and no enemies dealing with north korea at least at the time for the time being as some kind of partner illegitimate partner no friends no enemies yeah. i don't think there is a coherent trump foreign policy and i don't think that surprise us because it's quite clear that doesn't have complete control of the u.s. foreign policy congress has
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a multiple times attempted to usurp that right pushing him passing legislation forcing him to put new sanctions on russia now they're putting forward a bill trying to for bid the president the commander in chief from withdrawing troops from south korea without receiving the approval of the secretary of defense that's that's fine also we also have a members of congress petitioning other pentagon to so jet fighters the. thirty five's to turkey. and they're also threatening against india but the one thing that congress doesn't seem to want to reclaim is their actual constitution given power over their very they do did they really clear their very choosey they really cherry pick. well i agree with peter the big big question is are we seeing the continuation of the same so-called liberal or would truly be real world order be in
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be able to obviously be seen something that was well i think that trump is actually less dangerous than their you know the people who were viewed in their so-called world order during the last twenty five years because if you compare the war to an apartment block you know what these people want is to demolish it completely build a new one russia and china as the biggest tenants right now voice in their objections their dolls the usual response is just don't worry you will be better off we'll give you new apartments right and wrong place just very you know open the groschen the walls around himself you know you will see a real estate agent absolutely this is not i think i've got to go with the original but when he is just simply you know expanding. you know what patrick let me go back to you and climate at length because i think what's really interesting here is that the united states still wants to lead ok it still wants to be dominant but it's not doing it with its allies because it sees the its allies is being
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a dead weight ok i mean they don't pay their own way they get preferential trade deals so the this is what makes trump a bit different he still wants to be win and be number one he doesn't really care he doesn't want to carry the load for the entire western world anymore because he doesn't see it as being cost effective again he's a real estate agent patrick and climate sure that this is the transactional nature of this ministration that you see this reflected through to the white house you see it was especially through nikki haley although she's taking her wrecking ball towards multilateral institutions like united nations and other sort of international institutions and don't trump is sort of taking the wrecking ball maybe towards nato you could say and in some ways the european union but i think you've got two different sides of foreign oil so you're need to separate you're up and what's going in that hemisphere and all the legacy post were to look see there
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with asia and don't trump is much more comfortable in asia and he's doing exactly the opposite of what the previous administration did which was lead from behind this is a president now that doesn't want to be upstaged by his secretary of state he's actually taking the lead he's interfacing directly with some of the most powerful leaders in that region and i think he's more comfortable in that environment that's where the money is this is where the future is asia is forward looking and certainly on the cost of the global economic surge in that part of the world so this is definitely much more of a comfort zone for this president but in europe it's much more how the amount of patrick little issue patrick i mean you know i mentioned the g. seven i mean and this is what kind of my mantra my hobby horse here is that trump is it is not in tune with the postmodernist order of things that postmodern. mine think ok mindset and that's that's the g seven ok particularly european he doesn't see eye to eye with mccrone with trudeau with people like that because it he just has a very different understanding of everyday politics he's not
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a theoretician ok he doesn't have a theory he's a he's a practitioner let me go to mark here on this yeah he's not a liberal i mean not a liberal that this one but up and patrick thank you my brain is now imprinted with an image of nikki haley as miley cyrus driving a wrecking ball into the united nations and this is so here's the problem even though it's it's a divide between not only the u.s. deep state and the trumpet ministration but between trump and people within his own or ministration like mad dog madison and so on they still want to pursue american hegemony and there's no way america has given up on the pursuit of global military financial and other means of germany around the world trump does see that as wasteful i've seen a characterization that he loathes the liberal international order that has been created since the establishment of bretton woods through the uni polar moment and so on because he does see it as not as damaging the us as transferring wealth
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and the us overplaying the role of defense when it doesn't need to around the world he sees a stance of the u.s. allies like the e.u. as rivals as economic rivals because he's a businessman and that's the way that he views the world on business terms and he sees ins and outs at an imbalance particularly with europe and he faults europe as having worse trade policies for the u.s. than china jeffrey goldberg and the atlantic this week did it in article he's famous for giving this softball interview he was the one i. apologise where obama told him that his four. policy was simply don't do stupid stuff stuff yes she did it. well a jumper goldberg got three different characterizations supposedly from three
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different officials within the trumpet ministration of how to define the trump foreign policy the first one was this no friends no enemies which is a very real it's the interpretation. unfortunately trump if you wanted to pursue that i don't think he's had the ability to pursue that as much as he would like what one of the second ones i think will feed a lot of conspiracy theories that may not be conspiracy theories anymore that permanent destabilisation creates american advantage while that that sums up american foreign policy and military policy and what they've done in the middle east the support of. terrorists you know in libya and syria and so on and the last one sums it up as far as the liberals are concerned we're america be think of breaking bad everybody i think. also you could say in a kind of is a extra layer from what we've heard from patrick and from mark is that trump is
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determined to undo everything barack obama did ok everything well you know a strange way yes and interestingly not understanding actually at all the terrible things that barak obama did southern this song but the one before you know recently he said that it was thanks to all bamma that crania became russian he'll visit meant that obama will as we will solve know he looked at me and my around us both did the coup in ukraine without which i mean i would never never have gone back to russia people would never be pushed to vote for that referendum for going back to russia so just you know unintentionally draw and told the truth and if we compare trump and the so-called liberals in the us administration trump is more peaceful let me give you. a little.


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